We stand against the betrayal of contributors worldwide.

Experts Exchange is the Q&A community for people tired of the AI sellout.

For over 25 years, authentic human-to-human interaction has been the foundation of our community.

Even before the emergence of LLMs, our platform was built on the principle that conversing with an expert is the best way to solve a problem.

As one of our members said, "I've never had GPT stop and ask me a question before. That happens on EE all the time."

Other platforms have recently announced how thrilled they are to betray their contributors by selling their content to train AI models.

It is disturbing to see business leaders blatantly disrespect their contributors, without whom there would be nothing to sell.

At Experts Exchange,

Fact: We have never and will never sell any member data, content, or likeness.

Fact: We block & strictly prohibit AI companies from scraping content from our site to train their LLMs.

Fact: Our moderators forbid the direct use of LLM content in our threads.

The supreme reward for attaining expertise is the fulfillment of passing your knowledge on to help someone in need. We are hurtling toward a future where tech oligarchs smother the joy of altruism by robbing the benefactor to give to the masses while masquerading as the hero.

Experts deserve a place where they can confidently share their knowledge without worrying whether or not a corporation will steal it to increase shareholder value.

Humanity deserves a safe haven from AI, where the infinite potential of a conversation will always be valued more than an artificially generated average of what the internet might say.

As other communities abandon their members for the promise of AI, we hope you'll join us in the fight for human intelligence.