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How to Take Advantage of the IT Skills Gap

Across the globe - the IT Skills Gap is expected to cost businesses a collective amount of $755 Billion.

October 19, 2021

This may come as a surprise to some folks... but great IT departments save companies lots of money. Oh, you’re not surprised at all? You’ve been trying to tell this very thing to management for years? Right, sorry. 

Across the globe - the IT Skills Gap is expected to cost businesses a collective amount of $755 Billion. The pace of technological innovation is speeding up exponentially, which is increasing the demand for highly skilled IT professionals.

According to research conducted by VMware Learning & IDC, professional development among IT professionals has led to not only increased effectiveness, but higher salaries and influence as well.

Most people think of professional development within the context of certifications or training courses. But according to research done by the University of Maryland, learning communities are what provide the foundation for knowledge construction. 

The infographic below, produced by VMware Learning & IDC, does a great job of highlighting the benefits and impacts of IT professional development. But, unfortunately - there isn’t much information about what training is best and where to find that training. That’s why you lean on a community of your peers! 

One of our community members, Andrew Kowtolo, talked about the value of pairing training with community when he came on our podcast, Conversations with Tech Experts. “When you’re in my field - things are going to change - and nobody goes by the book,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how much you know - when you go into a new location, you don’t know anything. The community on EE has helped me get out of my comfort zone - I can approach an issue I’m not familiar with and know I have backup.”

Before you decide to commit to a training course or certification - make sure you’re not making that decision in isolation. By consulting a community of your peers who have years of experience - you’re setting yourself up to maximize the value of your new training. 

Take a look at the full report from VMware Learning & IDC, “A Solution to the IT Skills Gap: IT Professional Development.”