Core Conference Partner Program: Call for Speakers!

Do you want to be a Core Conference Partner and be a keynote speaker or session leader? Learn more about partner opportunities and perks!
October 3, 2023

*The application to submit a proposal is at the bottom of this page*

What is Core Conference?

October 2-4, 2023

Chattanooga, TN

In person only and limited spots available. Schedule coming soon!

In January 2022, Experts Exchange made a public re-commitment to its community and the members that make it up. We said explicitly that we wanted to get back to our roots and deepen our investment in the EE community; and Core Conference represents the next step we’re taking to meet that commitment.

After many long years hiatus Experts Exchange is excited to be returning to one of our greatest community events: Core Conference. An annual event, where EE members can listen to speakers, join in panel discussions, and meet face to face. We want to do our part to help bring our members together, to cultivate a stronger community, and to provide new opportunities to make connections across the EE membership.

At Core Conference 2023 we will be exploring what the future of Community Learning looks like. We believe that growing collaboratively through community is the best way to advance your skills, knowledge, and your career. We will talk about about how a community approach to learning and solving problems is invaluable over the course of your career.

Learn more about the conference here.

What is the Core Partner Program?

The Core Partner Program gives EE members the opportunity to partner with the EE team as conference speakers and session leaders. Our members are the industry leaders and experts, so the Partner Program is designed to give you the opportunity to share your experience and expertise - in person this time! As a partner, you will work with the EE team to develop and deliver great content for other conference attendees. You will be instrumental in the planning of the conference content and you will get to experience exclusive conference perks! Read more and apply below.

Partner Perks

Conference ticket: Price of conference ticket waived.

Travel Reimbursement: Economy-class, round-trip airfare for one ticket, cap of $800 domestic / $1,000 international USD 

Hotel Accommodations: One hotel room for three nights. Room will be booked and paid for by EE.

Badge credentials: Earn Credly credentials that allow you to showcase your contributions at the conference.

Exclusive partner swag pack: New EE swag!

Private Dinner: Enjoy a special dinner with the EE Leadership Team and Core Conference Partners

Theme for Content

This year’s focus is on the value of collaborative learning for your career. We will discuss how learning and growing together through community can be the best way to advance your skills, your knowledge, and your career

Professional networks and peer to peer communities have become a necessity for technology professionals to continue developing their skills, gain new certifications, move up in their jobs, and stay current in a continually evolving industry.

Core Conference sessions will explore the real life experiences of EE members who have grown their knowledge and careers through community participation. As a speaker, you can share your insight and advice on how you personally have taken the community approach to career growth and development, and how others can do the same.

Tell us about how contributing to a community helped expand your professional network. Share your perspective on the indelible value of human experience, especially during the era of AI. Talk to us about the tools you use to learn and the relationships that have had the greatest impact on your career.

Read more topic submission examples and submit your proposal below!

Session Formats

1. Keynote

We will host two keynote presentations that are 30 - 45 minutes each, with the entire conference in attendance.

2. Small Speaker Session

We will host 2 small speaker sessions that are 30 - 45 minutes each. These will be more intimate sessions with only a portion of the conference attendees.

3. Moderated Panels

Our moderated panel discussions are designed for members of the community to discuss topics in detail. Selected topics will be facilitated by the applicant, and the panel will be selected in collaboration with EE.

Example Topics For Submission

  • Humans and AI - and the value of human experience.
  • The value of mentorship from the perspective of a Mentor or Mentee.
  • Why your network matters more than your resume.
  • Why collaborative learning is more successful than going solo.
  • The future of community problem solving in the era of AI.
  • Building skills through practical projects and community collaboration.
  • How contributing to a community helped you grow your own business. 
  • How I earned MVP status by contributing to the community and what it did for my career.

Criteria For Submissions

  • Submissions can only be entered by individuals, EE members, researchers, or speakers (no PR firms, no vendors or vendor related pitches).
  • Submissions must be 100% complete. Experts Exchange will disqualify any incomplete submissions.
  • Submissions must be relevant to the theme of the conference.
  • Submissions must clearly detail the concepts, ideas, and solutions the speaker plans to present.
  • Individuals may submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be submitted with a separate submission form.
  • Submissions that are highly technical in nature will not be accepted.

Tips For Submissions

1. Consider your audience: While you’re crafting your proposal, take your time to consider the audience that will be in attendance. You’ll be speaking to IT professionals from every corner of the field and EE members both old and new.

2. Write a clear and compelling proposal: Your proposal should outline your topic, and why it’s important. Ensure your description covers all the main points (and if you can, contains a catchy title).

3. Showcase your expertise: Include a short description of your relevant training, education, and/or experience in the topic you’re proposing.

4. Provide resource materials: Please list any existing materials you’ll be pulling from to create your proposal.

5. Make it unique: If you want to stand out amongst the other submissions, it helps to show how your proposal would offer a unique perspective. Show us what makes your knowledge and/or experience different from the rest.

Submit Your Proposal Here

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