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January 31, 2023
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⚡ Conference sponsorship applications now open! 

⚡ NEW Featured Article Program

⚡ Pre-register to attend EE's Core Conference in October 2023

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Kasey's Corner

All things community updates!

Did You Miss the 2022 Expert Awards & New Year Event?

We had such a great time celebrating our 2022 top contributors and looking forward to the exciting things to come in 2023! If you missed the event, check out the recording here -->

Conference Sponsorship Applications Now Open! 

Are you looking to attend a technology conference in 2023 to learn new skills and grow in your career? Now you can be sponsored by EE to attend! Learn more and apply for sponsorship here -->

NEW Featured Article Program

We are excited to announce the new Featured Article Program! This is your opportunity to have your content featured and promoted across all EE platforms. In partnership with the EE team, members can write high quality article content that is relevant in the industry and performs well in search engines. This program is designed specifically to promote your work and feature our EE authors. Learn more and get started here -->

Core Conference Pre-Registration Now Open
EE's in-person community event is back in October 2023! Core Conference is for all EE members who are looking to connect in person, learn more about the future of community learning, and get exclusive insight into new EE community updates and programs. There are very limited spots available! You can pre-register now to get early access when tickets go on sale in April. Learn more about Core and pre-register here -->

🗣️ Join the Conversations

Chime in on these community discussions!

Join the Group: Web Dev Community -->

Trending Discussion: Anyone make cool use of Excel Power Maps?

Excel has had the ability to map data for a while, and int he last couple of versions, the mapping features got kicked up several notches. Power Maps now has 3D views and the ability to show data changing over time! Join The Conversation →

Join the Group: Web Dev Community -->

Trending Discussion: How is OpenAI going to change the game?

What are your initial thoughts and reactions to OpenAi's ChatGPT and how it's going to change the game for better or worse? Join The Conversation →

Join the Group: EE Community Members -->

Trending Discussion: February Monthly Challenge - Share your all time favorite story about helping another member

What's your all time favorite story on EE? Maybe it's a time that someone helped you solve a major problem and you were eternally grateful? Or maybe it was when you helped someone and they reached out to you personally to thank you? Join the Conversation -->

📝 Community Articles

Check out popular member articles including Community Picks!


Does ChatGPT replace the developer?

Munib Butt


Cyberattacks Using AI/ML Technology Targeting Controlled Information



Am I Being Monitored?


💻  Platform Updates

Stay up to date with improvements to the EE platform.

NEW Question Page Design

The Question Page got an upgrade! Now you can easily access your left navigation from the question page itself, instead of opening the question page in a new tab.

NEW List View Option on My Questions, Participated Questions, & Contribute Pages

Want to see less information on your question lists? Now you can condense the view by using the new list view feature. In the top left of your screen, you can toggle back and forth between card view and list view. Check it out here -->

Coming Soon...New EE Mobile App

Very soon you will be able to ask and answer questions and stay connected to the EE community from anywhere! Stay tuned to learn more about the mobile app launch date! 

💌 Member Testimonials

'Pointed me in the right direction — his advice was the spark I needed to get my problem fixed. Soooo many calls had been made to various tech support numbers, and not one offered the suggestion David did. I’d still be fumbling around with tech support if not for him.'

- Diane Bast for David Johnson, CD

'Thank you very much for your help. It's hard finding folks like yourself that know the info and are willing to help. Greatly appreciated.

- Msidnam for Deman-Barcelo (MVP) Thierry 

🏅Member Certifications


Bill Prew in Windows OS

Chinmay Patel in .NET Programming

Madunix in Security



Andrew Hancock in Windows 10

Daryl Ponting in Azure

Mlanda T in C#

Thomas Zucker-Scharff in Anti-Virus Apps, Ransomware, Security, Vulnerabilities

dpearson in Java EE

Scott Silva in Windows OS