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May 31, 2022

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A podcast episode discussing Excel and 'Between The Sheets' one of the first in the new EE Podcast Network!

A sneak peek at EE's upcoming navigation update!

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Author: Matt Minor

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Author: Nick Rhode

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Platform Updates

New Navigation Sneak Peek! 

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22.05.19 - Podcast Cover LS - Andrew Moran

Microsoft Spotlight

EP. 48

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Andrew Moran, Former Microsoft MVP and host of the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast. He joins Experts Exchange Director of Operations Thomas Bernal to discuss why he started his own podcast and how it has pushed him to grow in other areas of his career.

22.05.06 - Podcast Cover - Bob Flisser

Between The Sheets

EP. 47

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Bob Flisser, Technology Course Author and Excel Expert. He joins Experts Exchange's Kasey Hart and  Mason Brown to discuss how he became one of the top Excel teachers in the world and to promote his new video podcast on the EE Podcast Network called "Between the Sheets."

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Martin Liss

'Martin Liss has saved me from hours of struggle yet taught me so much since I joined Experts Exchange. Always a relief to see Martin looking at my question! :)'

Charlie Arehart

'Mr Arehart is extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful. Certainly is an expert!!! Very thorough, clear and concise with his direction.'

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