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November 30, 2022
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⚡ How YOU can participate in the community

⚡ Did someone say Holiday Challenge? 

⚡ 2023 Conference Sponsorships now closed! 

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🌟 Participating & Contributing in the EE Community: Who, Why, and How?

This year we have been focusing on how we can continue to grow as a community of peers supporting each other though sharing our knowledge. We all want to see each other succeed, and we can help each other do that! Here's a quick recap and resources for you EE members who want to start participating, or are looking for new fun ways to contribute! 


Who can contribute? You. All EE members. Everyone has unique knowledge and experience to share. You don't have to be an expert to help someone.

Read: Who is an EE Expert & Who Can Contribute to the Community? -->


Why should I contribute to the community and help others? Members learn more by sharing their knowledge. Be recognized as a contributor. Earn titles and awards. Gain an audience for your content. And help your peers succeed while knowing that you are having a positive impact on others.

Read: Why Contribute to the Community? -->


What are all of the different ways I can participate? There's so many ways to contribute and get connected. From content creation to simply sharing a cool blog you found.

Read: Ways to Participate in the Community & How You Can Contribute -->

Need a great example of how members contribute? Check out these influential members and the many different ways they participate! -->

Kasey's Corner

All things community updates!

NEW Holiday Challenge Launching Dec 1!

We have been talking all about the ways that EE members can participate and contribute in the community, and now's your chance! Spread the holiday cheer by completing the challenge and win exclusive EE swag. All the details will be released December 1st! 

ReConnect Program Launch

Did you miss the launch event? Catch the recap and learn all about our new program designed to bring our online community to life! This includes conference sponsorship, in person meetups, and new events! Watch the recap and learn more here -->

2023 Conference Sponsorship Attendees - Applications Now Closed!

We launched our ReConnect Program on November 1st (learn more above). So thanks to all of you who applied to attend tech conferences in 2023 as part of this new program! We look forward to selecting our 2023 attendees and partnering with them to share the EE love at conferences and meetups around the world next year. Read more about conference sponsorships as part of the ReConnect Program here -->

The 2022 Expert Awards and New Year Event

We can't believe it's already time for another awards ceremony, but boy are we excited to recognize some of our top contributors for their community contributions in 2022! The Awards Ceremony virtual event will be in January 2023. We will also be celebrating the start of a new year and making some big, cool, very fun announcements :) Stay tuned for registration details! 

Coming Soon: New Content Creator Opportunities

Are you someone who loves to create good content that other members will find helpful? Well good news for you! Very soon we will be announcing a new initiative that will give members the opportunity to partner with us to create content, and have your content exclusively promoted on all EE platforms!

🗣️ Join the Conversations

Chime in on these community discussions!

Join the Group: Microsoft 365 Community -->

Trending Discussion: Best advice for someone wondering if 365 is the best fit for their company? -->

Join the Group: Web Dev Community -->

Trending Discussion by Sam Jacobs: SSL Certificates: Wildcard vs. SAN  -->

Trending Discussion by Rob Jurd: Picking the "wrong" framework -->

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Trending Discussion by David Draper: Share Your Holiday Traditions! (Part of the Holiday Challenge) -->

📝 Community Articles

Check out popular member articles including Community Picks!


Guidelines for Adequate Cyber Hygene -->


Working with Cross-Functional Flowcharts -->

Scott Helmers


Using the File Scope Feature in .NET 7 -->

Munib Butt

💻  Platform Updates

Stay up to date with improvements to the EE platform.

Followed Topics Update and New Contribute Page

Are you looking for an easy way to find new questions you can participate on and help other members? Well look no further because the new Contribute page is live! It was designed to make it simple for all members to follow topics you are skilled in and see new questions in those topics. You can even indicate how you would like to be notified per topic! Check it out ->

Coming Soon...A New Question Page Layout and List View!

The next release of the navigation update and feature updates will be updates to the question page. We know this one is in high demand! Soon you will be able to toggle to a 'list view' on the new My Questions, Participated, and Contribute pages. This is designed to show you more questions at a time.

Did You Miss the Navigation Update?
The Navigation Update went live on the platform on August 3rd. It was designed to make it easier for you to connect with other members, and find content you're interested in. Check out this blog to learn more about why we are making these updates to the platform and what this means for you. → 


Check out all podcast episodes here →

Why and How to Contribute to the Community?

Ep. 58


This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Community Leaders Kasey Hart and David Draper. They hop on to discuss the value of community contribution and share stories of how different EE members are finding value by giving back to the wider community.

Listen to this episode →

💌 Member Testimonials

'He put a lot of creativity into this, understood what I was looking for, took time to develop some alternatives, and commented his code. Very grateful!'

- Calyx Teren for Bill Prew

'He went through several scenarios with me and gave good advice on all aspects of the job. I tested it and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much!' 

- Aando for Philip Elder 

🏅Member Certifications


David Johnson, CD in Microsoft 365

Seth Simmons in Active Directory



David Johnson, CD in Dell

Jazz Marie Kaur in Windows OS

Philip Elder in Exchange

Rodney Barnhardt in Exchange

Seth Simmons in Windows Server 2016