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What is the acceptance criteria?

The Experts Exchange community is made up of like-minded technology professionals who want to see each other succeed personally and professionally. Through our request to join process, we are looking for members who understand the value of a peer-to-peer network and will be a great fit for our community. Technology & business professionals of all levels of experience are welcome on EE - there isn’t a strict criteria or set of prerequisites for experience level! A complete beginner learning HTML is just as welcome at EE as a CIO with 40 years of experience. We're looking for are people with a passion for technology and a passion for collaborating with other members of EE!

How will I know if my request is approved?

After you request to join the community, our Community Manager Kasey Hart will reach out to you within 2 business days about your membership. Upon acceptance to the community, you will receive a link to create your new EE account and activate your membership! Feel free to email us at if you do not see any communication in this time frame.

When you fill out your request form, make sure to use a primary email address - this will be the only way for us to communicate with you until you activate your membership.

What are you doing with this information? Who sees it?

Only a handful of our EE team members will see this information. The information you submit through your request will not appear on your profile once you join the community and will not be available to any EE community members. Our Community Team will review your request simply to lean more about you and make sure that you are a great fit for EE!

EE members value their privacy; we’ve promised to never share their personal information or sell it to advertisers. This promise extends to you - whether or not you become a member or not, your data and information are safe.

How much does a membership cost?

EE offers both monthly and annual memberships. Once you're accepted, you'll have the option to pay monthly at *$49.99/mo USD, or pay annually at *$419.88/yr USD and save 30%! With either membership type, you’ll get a 7 day free trial before we process your payment.

*Prices are in USD. Actual price may vary depending on region/country.

How to sign up for Team and Enterprise memberships

For more information on joining EE with your team or enterprise, visit our EE for teams page to connect with a team account manager.

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