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Newsletter - July 2023
Newsletter - July 2023
Newsletter - July 2023

Newsletter - July 2023

David Draper
David Draper
July 31, 2023

Product Release!

We just released our biggest update to the Contribute Pagesince its launch last year. We're adding new ways to view questions including the ability to switch between your followed topics and an 'All Topics' tab that will **show all the open questions on EE! Read more about the release** here

Follow These New Topics

We have added some new topics for the community to collaborate by on:

Unity , Domain Controller , ChatGPT

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'That's FANTASTIC. You're wonderful for doing this for me. I've been trying for several years and you now made my life better as this was my first project in writing code and designing the database.You went out of your way and did it all! I'm really pleased as you can probably tell.'

'Absolutely marvelous and on POINT !!! And use of volatile formula. Many thanks!'



Amit in Active Directory

Chinmay Patel in .NET Programming


David H.H.Lee in C#

Michael Pfister in Active Directory

Thomas Zucker-Scharrf in Anti-Virus Apps, Ransomeware, and Vulnerabilities