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Newsletter - June 2023
Newsletter - June 2023
Newsletter - June 2023

Newsletter - June 2023

David Draper
David Draper
June 30, 2023
Don't Miss Your Chance To Attend Core Conference 2023

The Experts Exchange Core Conference is back! Tickets are on sale now. Don't miss your chance to connect with the EE community in person. Get your tickets here→

Product Releases This Month

We've added browser tab notification counters! On your Contribute, Participated, and My Questions pages you'll now see a notification counter in your browser tab to help you keep track of new notifications! Check it out →We also recently released the next iteration of list view on the same pages! The new list view design for Contribute, Participated, and My Questions pages provides a better user experience on desktop and mobile. Check it out →

Follow These New Topics!

We have added some new topics for the community to collaborate on:Unity , Domain Controller , ChatGPT

Join the group: EE Community Members →

‍Join other EE members in the EE Community group for more discussions!

Trending Discussion: Just For Fun: Tells us about your 4th! →

‍The 4th of July is next week. If you're celebrating, tell us how!

Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit Triangle


Leveraging GPT for Authentication: A Deep Dive into a New Realm of Cybersecurity

Adam DiStefano

Web Security Lesson : Important Security Tips To Help You Identify Phishing Links Or URLs


"I appreciate your comments because it helped me understand to examine the problem further. I would have swapped computers and tried to make that work . Of course, it would not. Instead your comments caused me to try running various programs on the affected computers to see which might cause problems. Thank you for your help."

Donpick for CompProbSolv

'Perfect, concise answer. The whole reason for being a member of Experts Exchange: People who know what they are talking about - and also know what YOU are asking about!'

Buck Beasom for Kyle Abrahams


PortletPaul in SQL


Jim Dettman in VBA

Michel Plungjan in jQuery

Byundt in VBA

Ste5an in C#


AndyAinscow in

Michael Pfister in Powershell

Rindi in Microsoft Server OS

Skullnobrains in Linux