Welcome to the home of human intelligence.

We’re the Q&A community for people tired of the AI sellout.

If you’re a tech professional, you’re probably tired of products you love shoving new AI features down your throat. We believe that the best way to solve a problem is by having a conversation with an expert.

What is it?

Experts Exchange is a private Q&A community for tech professionals, not unlike Stack Overflow or Quora. Our goal is to connect people with experts who can answer tough questions. Unlike other places, duplicate questions are encouraged! Our contributors (Experts) are tech junkies who love graciously answering all questions - even if it’s one they’ve seen before.

The Anti-AI difference

Since 2001 - The EE organization has been a small, privately owned operation that has subsisted without help from outside investment. We’re proud to say that at Experts Exchange, your privacy is not for sale. Here are the facts:

  • We have never and will never sell any member data, content, or likeness.

  • We block & strictly prohibit AI companies from scraping content from our site to train their LLMs.

  • Our moderators forbid the direct use of LLM content in our threads.

Our community is made up of...

Developers & IT Professionals who have coding questions or need to work with someone to solve a technical problem.

IT Leaders who need advice about which product to use or how to navigate a situation with leadership.

Beginner devs looking for a place where they can find someone to walk them through simple issues.

Small business owners who have little to no IT experience but need help with technology in order to run their businesses.

Experts interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with people who need help.

90 days of free access - no credit card required

Unlike other communities that generate revenue by selling their members' data to AI companies and advertisers without their consent, we prefer a more direct approach. After 90 days, members have two options: apply for expert status, or pay a small, flat monthly fee. Those monthly subscription fees help us keep the engines on and fund programs to grow the community.

What’s included?
Unrestricted platform access
Ask unlimited questions
Unlimited content views
How do I join?
New members get unlimited access for 90 days - no credit card required. Click the button below to get full access with no view blockers or rate limiters for 90 days.
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