The Original
Technology Community™

For 25 years, technology problem-solvers worldwide have gathered on EE to share knowledge and help each other succeed.

How it started:

The internet was a very different place when EE was formed; there was no Google, no social media, and web-based email had just begun to gain popularity. Information was rarely easy to find.

People came to EE with their tech problems because they knew they could find trustworthy people who wanted to help. These problem-solvers who first gathered on EE were pioneers who brought the technology industry out of the garage and into the future.

How its going:

Today, even though the internet is a busy place with millions of communities of all shapes and sizes, many of the original EE pioneers are still active members.

Twenty-five years after its formation, the EE community is still growing because tech professionals know that members of the original technology community are people they can trust.

Meet our members

The EE community is made up of thousands of technology and IT professionals from all over the world. Many of us have been active for over 10 years!
Lee W.
Lee W.
United States

expert/Technology and Business Process Advisor

Andrew Hancock
Andrew Hancock
United Kingdom

expert/VMware & Virtualization Consultant

Yolanda Cuesta
Yolanda Cuesta

expert/Economist and Excel Expert

Will Szymkowski
Will Szymkowski

expert/Enterprise Architecture Lead

Vitor Montalvão
Vitor Montalvão
Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland

expert/IT Engineer

Tomas Helgi Johannsson
Tomas Helgi Johannsson
Garðabæ, Iceland

expert/Database Administrator / Software Engineer

Terry Woods
Terry Woods

expert/Web Developer, Wordpress

Subodh Tiwari
Subodh Tiwari
Kanpur University, Uttar Pradesh, India

expert/Excel & VBA Expert

Sean Stuber
Sean Stuber

expert/Database Developer & Admin

Who we are
We are a collaborative and innovative group of technology professionals who want to see each other succeed.
What we believe
We believe that technology is collaborative and it is important to have a community of peers who you can trust. Trust is developed through  interactions and relationships between members.
What we do
We gather online to exchange knowledge, support each other through challenges, and help each other succeed.

How we stack up

Almost every member of EE is someone who works in IT and likes having a community of other professionals who they can use as a sounding board. EE isn’t a help desk - we’re a group of like-minded individuals who realize how important it is to have smart, experienced people in your corner.
"EE has been helping me solve unsolvable issues for sixteen years, and is populated by friendly techno wizards who will inherit the Earth."

Samuel Slaughter
Member Since 2004
"This community has saved my bacon many times. Membership brings piece of mind when I'm out of my depth..."

Brian Maenpaa
Member Since 2008

How our members connect

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