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Out of the garage...

One of the oldest online communities in the world - EE was born in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1996. The brainchild of Dan Gardner, Matt Wormley, and Clint Staley - EE became the first online technology community.
In 1996, computer science students at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California, had the idea for an online community where people could share their knowledge about subjects like law, medicine, and technology.
1996 Experts Exchange LogoNewsletter clipping about EE
EE goes live on the internet & has the first question asked. The tagline is: “A community where experts answer difficult questions.”
Experts Exchange's original design
Expert levels like “Wizard & Sage" introduced.
Jan Louwerens - EE’s longest tenured employee - joins the EE team.
Jan Louweren
The first EE email newsletter is sent to the community with the title “Experts Exchange News”
Experts Exchange is awarded a patent for the points & collaboration technology used on the platform.
JP Morgan Logo
J.P. Morgan invests $6M and EE becomes the first funded tech company in San Luis Obispo
JP Morgan puts EE up for auction after the .com crash - Randy Redberg acquires sole ownership by placing a bid with 6 minutes left on the clock.
Photo of CEO, Randy Redberg
EE updates its logo to include an “X” for the first time.
2002 Logo
EE community becomes private and membership-based. Hundreds of people sign up the first day that the membership model is introduced.

The first iteration of the iconic “X” logo appears in solid orange.
2004 logo2004 New look for EE's website
The first Expert Awards - Expert of the Year and Rookie of the Year - are given to honor the members with the most contributions in a given year.
After 9 years, the community reaches 1 million problems solved!
1 million solutions logo
Matt Huxtable becomes the youngest EE moderator ever at the age of 15.
photo of Max Huxtable
1st Core Conference held in in San Luis Obispo
Picture of Core Conference
2nd Core Conference held in San Luis Obispo, featuring over 60 members from around the world. Members met over two days to discuss the future of EE. Most attendees are still active members today.
Photo of meeting during Core Conference
The first award to be based off community nominations is created and called “Most Valuable Expert.” Thirteen contributors are awarded in its inaugural year.
MVE Logo for 2011
Sembee becomes first contributor to earn 40 million points.
EE rebrands with a new blue “X” as “the network for technology professionals.”

The company moves away from community focus and more toward a service-model.
2012 LogoPhoto of 2012 new website design
EE Community comes together to help build a water well in Ethiopia
Photo of water well being built
EE community hosts TEDx Conference in San Luis Obispo, CA. Mark Wills speaks about the value of being part of an online community. Other members like Matt Huxtable also give talks.
Mark Wills on TEDx Stage
Community advisory board is founded so the EE business leaders can partner with community leaders to inform product decisions.
Discussion groups and private messaging are introduced to make it easier for members to connect and collaborate 1-1.
Current Community Manager Rob Jurd is chosen by EE to lead the community.
Photo of Rob Jurd
“Fellow,” is first awarded -  a lifelong status reserved for select members who demonstrate sustained contributions, industry leadership, and outstanding performance.
2017 Fellow Award
The Certified Expert program is introduced - dedicated to recognizing members for their outstanding contributions to the technology community.
certified expert program logo
First episode of Conversations with Tech Experts, EE’s podcast aimed at giving tech professionals a platform to discuss community & their career journeys, premieres.
Conversations with Tech Experts Logo
EE partners with Credly to give Expert Award winners a verified way to showcase their achievements.
Example of Credly Badges
Gif of old logo transforming into the 2022 logo
On January 2022, the EE community gathered together to celebrate the beginning of a new era at our "Rebirth" Virtual Event, At the event - we announced that our organization is recommitting to the EE community & showcased our updated brand identity.
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