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Give your IT team the right tools to do what they do best: keep your company in business.

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You're not just losing time.
You're losing information.

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day (9.3 hours per week on average) attempting
to retrieve and gather information

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When IT works,
everything else does too.

Free $60 to Udemy for
every team member

For every license, receive $60 in credit to use
on courses from Udemy - the world’s leading
global marketplace for learning and instruction.

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Don’t let information go to waste

Securely organize & share content like useful
articles, project resources, tutorials, guides, and
information with Knowledge Exchange, our
knowledge management tool for teams.

Consult highly technical experts

When your team is stuck on a difficult problem,
they can save time by turning to our
Certified Experts for help. The more
challenging the problem, the more motivated
the experts are to find a solution.

Automate Site Security

Automatically detect security threats,
verify SSL status, view downtime reports,
and maintain good search
engine standing with SiteSafe Monitor.

We know you’re always
being asked to do more with less.

With Experts Exchange for Teams, your team of two can operate like a team of ten.

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The level of knowledge sharing on the site is incredible!

US Physical Therapy

I have been using Experts Exchange for years, as an armature IT manager for my own company I rely on it whenever I need gaps filled in my knowledge and it has paid for itself over and over by allowing me to do my own IT work

All Scrap Metals, LLC

Experts Exchange is some of the best money I spend each month.

VPN Solutions, LLC

Retain Knowledge. Invest in Skills. Stay Secure.

Does it ever feel like your team is out of time and out of sync? With Experts Exchange for Teams, you can conserve time and organize your team’s mental junk drawer.
Stop wasting resources on issues outside your area of expertise -- Connect with highly skilled experts who can help carry the load. Keep your team on the same page with Knowledge Exchange, our knowledge management tool, that ensures you’ll never run into the same problem twice.

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