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Experts Exchange is a membership-based community for IT professionals.
Stack Overflow is a Q&A forum for developers.
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  • Membership based IT community
  • Quick solutions that lead to high level
  • Form relationships with Certified
    Experts invested in your success
  • Welcoming environment for
    professionals of all skill levels
  • Free Q&A Forum
  • Quick solutions for common
    programming issues
  • Input and answers from a
    large base of anonymous users
  • Highly critical environment

The Community Difference

Rarely do you get answers that don't include a thorough explanation so you're not just getting past your roadblock, you're becoming a better Developer through EE!

Bruce Gust
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Why choose Experts Exchange over Stack?

You don’t! Thousands of people use Experts Exchange and Stack Overflow at the same time, every day. Stack is great for finding quick solutions to easy problems. At Experts Exchange - we focus on solving complex problems and growing careers through collaboration and learning.

Why isn’t Experts Exchange free?

Experts Exchange is a membership based community because it is important that we provide a safe and professional environment for our members. They value knowing that every member of the community has a shared identity and a common goal: to support each other in their technology journeys.

Experts Exchange is completely ad-free - additionally - We have a strict commitment to never selling personal data. Personal privacy matters - especially when a large portion of our members are dealing with sensitive information every day.

What makes someone a Certified Expert?

Our Certified Experts are contributors with titles like CTO, CISO, and Technical Architect - they answer questions, write articles, and produce videos on Experts Exchange. 99% of them have full-time tech jobs - they volunteer time to help other people in the industry learn and succeed.

Meet Our Community Development Manager

Why is an Experts Exchange membership so valuable? Hear our Community Development Manager Kasey Hart talk about why finding a strong community is critical to career growth:

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