How the Experts Exchange community rescued OutagesIO from a critical database issue

Discover how the Experts Exchange community came to the rescue when OutagesIO faced a critical database issue. Explore the collective effort, insights, and solutions provided by the community that ultimately saved OutagesIO from prolonged downtime and costly setbacks. Witness the power of collaboration and expertise as the Experts Exchange community proves its unwavering commitment to helping fellow professionals overcome complex technical challenges. Dive into this remarkable story of how a vibrant community can be a lifeline for businesses in times of crisis.

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OutagesIO, an automated performance monitoring service for internet connections, faced a critical challenge when their database started encountering persistent locking issues. This case study highlights how the owner, Mike, utilized Experts Exchange (EE) to overcome this problem and underscores the significance of the EE community in resolving complex technical issues.


As a former owner of both an ISP and an MSP business, Mike had firsthand experience dealing with internet reliability issues. He observed that internet service providers often denied problems unless they were glaringly obvious, forcing customers to prove the existence of issues. This led Mike to embark on creating OutagesIO, which evolved into a comprehensive performance monitoring service, offering insights beyond internet connectivity.

Why Experts Exchange Matters

Mike, as a network engineer and the technical lead at OutagesIO, relied on EE as a valuable resource. Acknowledging that he was a general specialist with knowledge in a wide range of technologies rather than an expert in a specific area, he sought help from the EE community. Over the years, he had used EE to find solutions, seek input, and gain insights on diverse topics, including bash code, decision-making, and troubleshooting.

"I've been given countless answers to problems where I would have had to hire outside help but was able to get it done on my own"

Rescue from a Critical Database Issue

OutagesIO encountered a severe problem with persistent database lockups, causing significant downtime, financial losses, and member dissatisfaction. Despite weeks of unsuccessful internal investigations, hiring external help seemed redundant as they were essentially pursuing the same leads. Mike decided to post the issue on EE, sharing a detailed question regarding the problem, its impact, and the unsuccessful troubleshooting attempts.

The EE Community's Support

EE members responded eagerly to Mike's question, providing valuable insights, suggestions, and recommendations. The discussion became an extensive thread, demonstrating the community's tenacity and willingness to help. Some experts even went above and beyond, constructing replicas and contributing to the collective effort to identify the root cause.

Successful Resolution and Positive Outcomes

With the combined efforts of the EE community, OutagesIO was able to identify leads and eventually resolve the critical database issue. The solution not only restored stable operations but also prompted the adoption of a more robust database cluster architecture. This experience highlighted the importance of the EE community as a trusted resource for problem-solving and troubleshooting complex technical challenges.

"I was amazed at how many jumped right in trying to help, most sticking right to the unceremonious and perhaps even anticlimactic end. It was a panic situation but I felt like we had a team of people we could consult outside of our own circle."

The Value of the EE Community

Mike emphasized that EE stands out among forums due to its community's supportive and collaborative nature. Unlike other platforms that may harbor trolls or engage in unproductive debates, EE fosters an environment where members of different skill levels come together to learn and share knowledge. The invaluable contributions from the EE community played a vital role in overcoming OutagesIO's server problem, ultimately enhancing their service reliability.


This case study showcases how Mike leveraged Experts Exchange to tackle a critical database issue at OutagesIO. The collaborative and knowledgeable EE community provided valuable insights and solutions that enabled the successful resolution of the problem. The experience underscored the vital role of EE in fostering a supportive and knowledgeable environment for technical problem-solving. OutagesIO continues to benefit from the resources and expertise offered by Experts Exchange, ensuring their service remains highly reliable and accessible to their customers. To delve deeper into Mike's original article and gain further insights into his experiences and journey, you can read the full article here. f you're looking to tap into a wealth of knowledge, receive expert assistance, and be a part of this incredible community, join Experts Exchange today by clicking here.

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