The mark of a true expert is generosity.

Experts Exchange members give back through our partnership with charity: water.

Our members are helping solve the global water crisis.

Our members are helping solve the global water crisis.

Who is charity:water?

785 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. charity:water believes that no one should live without clean water and use 100% of donations to bring clean water to people in developing countries.

Why we donate.

We believe that the Experts Exchange community can advance technology and access to water in underdeveloped communities. charity: water has a global reach, just like us. With charity: water's 100% donation model, we are confident in their ability to lead this vision.

Partnership Updates

How it works:

Earn points on Experts Exchange
By collaborating on questions, publishing articles, and other ways, you can earn points.
Choose charity: water
We donate $5.00 for every 50,000 points you earn.
See the change
Stay tuned for updates and watch your donations bring clean water to developing countries.

Learn more about how
you can help.

Access to clean water means better education, income, and health.
Visit charity: water