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Take an in-depth look at how the product functions by watching this quick walkthrough tutorial from our Director of Community, Kasey Hart.

Features designed to help students get ahead

Get a head start on your future career by connecting with experts who have been there before.
Features included in all plans:
Question & Answer
The primary way to interact on EE. Members can tag multiple different topic areas ask 3 different types of questions:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Research
  • Advice
Long-form video tutorials and step-by-step walkthroughs written by our certified experts.

All written pieces and multi-step tutorials are peer-reviewed by our team of editors before they’re published.
Discussion Groups
There are over 800 different discussion groups on EE, most of which are public.

Discussion Groups range in subject matter from general networking to high-level discussions about specific tech products
“I've been using EE for many years now. I've been given countless answers to problems where I would have had to hire outside help.”
Mike Paradis, Owner of OutagesIO
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Meet the Certified Experts

There are over 3,000 active Certified Experts on EE who specialize in hundreds of different topics.
Shaun Vermaak
Ethical Hacker
Shaun is a Certified Ethical Hacker with certifications from IBM and Microsoft.

Much of his work involves security information and assistance.
Jim Dettman
Microsoft Access MVP
Jim is an Experts Exchange Fellow and is a Microsoft MVP with a Microsoft Access Certification.

His professional experience dates back to Microsoft Access Version 1.1
Andrew Hancock
VMware vExpert PRO
Andrew has over 28 years of experience and is one of the most celebrated VMware minds in the world.

He has over 50 awards and is the all-time leading point scorer on EE.
Fadi Sodah
Executive IT Director
Fadi is an Experts Exchange Gold Certified Expert and the manager of a large financial exchange.

He has worked as a CIO and IT Director for over 30 years.
Yolanda Cuesta
Microsoft Excel MVP
Yolanda is a Microsoft MVP with a Microsoft Excel Certification.

She has worked as an economist for 14 years and trains students in accounting, taxes, and computing.
Stuart Scott
AWS Content Director
Stuart is the AWS Content Director at Cloud Academy and is one of the leading AWS instructors in the world.

He has authored 2 AWS books and holds multiple AWS Certifications and awards

Make connections with members in top organizations

Start networking and building relationships with members on the same career path you plan on pursue after you graduate.
“The unique and beautiful thing about the EE community is that we all have different levels of experience to offer.”
Kasey Hart, Director of Community at EE
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