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Internal DNS lookups in Exchange Servers
This article will guide you how to configure your Exchange server to use internal DNS servers for internal DNS lookup. This is for Exchange 2013 or higher versions. It is recommended to configure the DNS servers for flawless mail flow.
This user's on-premises mailbox hasn't been migrated to Exchange Online. The Exchange Online mailbox will be available after migration is completed.
This article describes the possibility of an existing mailbox present in an on-premise Exchange server to be synced with an AD account in O365 after assigning a new license mailbox that does not get provisioned.

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“Philip's experience and willingness to share his technical prowess have been very helpful for me to decide how to spec out a complex server! He also replies quite quickly which has also been very helpful for me.”
"This has been one of the most helpful hints ever in forum history.  Thank you so much for this on-point hint and solution."
"Amit was next-level knowledgeable and helpful!  I couldn't recommend someone more to help with AD and MS Exchange questions!"
“Absolutely perfect information. I know I would have eventually tried what you suggested, but, when would I have, is the question. It was the MIDPLANE that was bad, not the Backplane.”
"Seth, I can't believe I missed that, as I never set that option, somehow it got checked. That was it, appreciate your help!!!!!!"
“This is the best money I have ever spent.”
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Enterprise Support System
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Thierry Deman-Barcelo has eyes of an eagle; he was able to spot the error in the configuration. Thank you!
Wow I was not aware of this bug, I have been going crazy digging into this one.  It never popped up in my searching. Thank you.
"Answered my question within minutes of it being posted; gave me an answer that MS Premier Support couldn't give me, instead they had me tinkering with the system for a week to achieve nothing. God bless Experts Exchange! :D"
“Philip's experience and willingness to share his technical prowess have been very helpful for me to decide how to spec out a complex server! He also replies quite quickly which has also been very helpful for me.”
“I would not have been able to remain employed in this highly competitive industry, without EE!”
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