We’re sunsetting limited memberships. Here’s why:

With a limited membership, you’re unable to take full advantage of our technology community. We’re sunsetting the limited membership type in order to give all of our members the chance to fully engage with our community.

The start of something new!

While limited memberships are ending - that doesn’t mean your time on EE has to end. Exciting things are happening at EE, and want you to be a part of them!

Hear from our Senior Community Manager Kasey Hart about why we’re sunsetting limited memberships and why we still want you to be part of our community --->

More information on limited memberships:

What is a limited membership?

Experts Exchange is the original technology community and has been in existence for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve run multiple promotions offering various types of limited access to the platform in order to showcase our community. Most limited memberships are characterized by a limited number of solution views or are grandfathered memberships from the early days of EE (we’re talking pre-2003 folks!).

We understand that this could be disorienting for some people - especially for those who may not have understood the status of their membership at all or who feel deeply connected to our community. Our goal is not to exclude or ostracize limited members, our goal is to create an equal playing field for every member of our community in order to promote closer collaboration.

When do limited memberships end?

Your limited membership will end on NOVEMBER 4TH, 2021. Until November 4th, you’ll be able to log into your account as you normally would. After November 4th, your membership will enter a ‘suspended’ state - meaning your account information won’t go away, but you’ll be unable to access the platform. Starting on OCTOBER 4TH, 2021, we’ve giving all limited members full access to the entire platform without having to input their credit card information.

How does the free month work?

Starting on OCTOBER 4TH, 2021, all limited members will have full access to the platform. No extra action or credit card input will be required to obtain full access. This access is complimentary and will last for 31 days until November 4th, 2021 or until you choose to upgrade your membership.

During your free month, you will have full access to every Experts Exchange feature, including unlimited solution views and the ability to ask unlimited questions. We’re offering this complimentary access because we believe in the power of our community, and want you to experience that power without any restrictions or limitations.

How much does a full membership cost?

Currently, an annual individual membership costs $419.88 USD/yr. Because limited members are currently experiencing an unexpected shift in membership status, we’re offering a promotional upgrade price of $100 USD/yr to limited members only. You can click here to upgrade your account. Upgrading your account is the only way you will be able to access the platform after November 4th, 2021. You can upgrade with the promotional price now by clicking the link above or any of the ‘upgrade’ buttons on this page.

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you.

Sunsetting membership types is never an easy process - we fully understand if you’re frustrated or confused. If you’ve still got questions or are unclear on how to proceed, we’re standing by to help you figure everything out. Here’s how to get in touch with us:

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