Building for the future
by learning from the past.

The Story of Our Community

In 1996, technology professionals began to gather on Experts Exchange (EE). They came to share knowledge and help each other succeed, and thus became the original technology community.

These problem-solvers who first gathered on EE were pioneers who brought the technology industry out of the garage and into the future.

Twenty-five years after its formation, the EE community is still growing because tech professionals know that members of the original technology community are people they can trust.

Rebirth: A recommitment
to the community

In 2022 - we set out to redefine the way we talked about EE. After years without a true direction - our organization is recommitting to the thing that made EE successful in the first place: the community.

From now on - instead of being a technology product with a great community - we’re just a great technology community.

A new visual identity inspired by the past

Committing to the Community

In 1996, Experts Exchange members formed the first question and answer community for technology professionals. They became the original technology community. In 2022, we’ve update our brand to reflect the legacy and commitment to the EE community.

Committing to History

The new seal symbolizes the 25+ year history of the EE community. It features the original logo - a globe - which not only represents the legacy of EE but also the community of tech profesionals from all over the world.

Committing to EE

Inspired by sketches from 1996, our new alternate logo uses negative space to pay homage to the unofficial name that members have used for Experts Exchange since its creation. You can call us “EE.”

How community shapes the future

Listen to Director of Operations Thomas Bernal outline our new direction for the community at the Rebirth Virtual Event in January 2022.

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