Enhancing customer support and rapid bug fixing: How Microsoft Visio relies on Experts Exchange

Discover how Microsoft Visio, a leading diagramming and vector graphics application, leverages the vibrant community of Experts Exchange to enhance customer support and swiftly address software issues. By tapping into the collective knowledge of over 1,100 Microsoft Certified Professionals, Visio ensures fast iterations and efficient bug fixing. This case study highlights the power of collaboration and demonstrates how the Experts Exchange community serves as an invaluable feedback source, enabling continuous innovation and improvement. Join Experts Exchange today to access expert assistance, connect with professionals, and unlock a world of collaborative problem-solving.

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As a globally recognized product, Microsoft Visio faces the challenge of maintaining quality control and effectively tracking issues across its vast user base. Discover how Microsoft Visio leverages the power of Experts Exchange to stay on top of customer interactions, ensuring fast iterations and even faster fixes.

About Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is an advanced diagramming and vector graphics application that empowers users to create everything from flow charts and floor plans to timelines and organizational charts. Widely used across industries and by departments of various sizes, Visio is a versatile tool for visualizing and mapping complex information.


Given the extensive adoption of Microsoft Visio, dedicated teams are tasked with identifying and addressing user problems to enhance the product's adoption and user experience. However, monitoring and managing user feedback across various platforms can be a daunting task.

We are thankful to communities like Experts Exchange which are perfect sources of feedback for the product group to be able to continually innovate and improve.

The Experts Exchange Solution

Experts Exchange serves as an invaluable stand-in for a traditional customer support site, offering a vibrant community where users feel comfortable asking questions and reporting software issues. With the assurance of near-instant help from over 1,100 Microsoft Certified Professionals, users receive prompt and personalized assistance, bypassing the queues often associated with traditional support channels.

The Power of Collaboration

Scott Helmers, an Experts Exchange MVP for Visio, exemplifies the collaborative spirit within the community. He encountered a user's question regarding a copy-and-paste issue within Visio, where objects weren't retaining their positions when moved between pages. Helmers dived into the problem and identified a recent release that had inadvertently caused this behavior. He promptly replied to the user, shared his findings, and reported the bug to Microsoft Visio, providing crucial details for a swift resolution.

Quick and Efficient Results

Helmers' meticulous reporting enabled Microsoft Visio's product team to swiftly investigate and address the bug. They identified the changes responsible for the issue and promptly released fixes for both Visio Pro for O365 and Visio 2016. Leveraging the Experts Exchange community as a forum for communication, Microsoft Visio efficiently connected with users, promptly notifying them of the isolated and resolved bug. Without Helmers' expertise and comprehensive reporting, the root cause of the bug would have taken longer to identify and fix.

“Forums like Experts Exchange can definitely be of immense use to small and large enterprises alike."

Harnessing Community Feedback

Microsoft Visio recognizes the immense value of communities like Experts Exchange as sources of feedback for continuous innovation and improvement. By actively engaging with the community, Visio's product team can tap into valuable insights and ensure a seamless user experience.


The collaboration between Microsoft Visio and the Experts Exchange community exemplifies the power of collective knowledge and real-time assistance. Through this partnership, Visio can enhance its customer support, rapidly address software issues, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Join Experts Exchange today to tap into a wealth of expertise, connect with professionals, and unlock a world of collaborative problem-solving.

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