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Experts Exchange (EE) wurde 1996 gegründet und ist eine der ältesten Online-Communities der Welt. Seit 25 Jahren versammeln sich IT-Experten weltweit auf EE, um Wissen auszutauschen und sich gegenseitig zum Erfolg zu verhelfen.
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A full scale community that combines the best parts of other tools into one platform.

Who uses Experts Exchange? Lots of people. For lots of reasons.

IT Team
IT Professional
Most EE members are IT professionals or programmers who find value in getting help with occasional tech questions. No one can be an expert in everything - they use EE to help fill in their blind spots.

Some use EE daily - others check in every few months when they’re stuck.
PHP Developer
Bruce Gust is a PHP developer from Tennessee, USA. He uses EE every few weeks to get answers when he is in a tight spot.
Some members are former IT workers who have moved into management positions. While they aren’t fixing bugs or patching servers any more, the teams they manage are.

These members use EE to keep their ear to the ground & ask for high level advice about future business decisions.
Fadi Sodah
Fadi Sodah is a CIO a Government agency. He uses EE to monitor the latest cybersecurity trends and threats.
Certified Expert
Certified Experts have been individually vetted by our team to confirm that they have real-world experience and a dedication to sharing their knowledge.

They’re Consultants, Senior Managers, or IT Pros who know the value of learning by teaching. Many are specialized in certain niche areas & they love to help!
Excel & VBA Expert
Subodh Tiwari is a Software Consultant who specializes in Excel, VBA, and Oracle. He has answered over 2764 questions!
EE is a great resource for people who are just starting out in tech. Unlike other places “introductory” questions are more than welcome here - you won’t be treated poorly for asking one!

Many young professionals also use EE to connect with experienced mentors in the same focus area as them.
Support Lead
David Draper is a Support Lead and is new to the tech industry. He uses EE to ask questions and connect with mentors.
Award Winner
A few EE members are some of the most accomplished people in the world in their areas. Microsoft MVPs, vExpert Pros, etc.

In order to maintain these titles - these people give back to the community by teaching others. You’ll find them writing articles and answering questions on EE.
VMware vExpert Pro
Andrew Hancock is a virtualization Expert specializing in VMware. He is one of the world’s foremost Experts on VMware.
IT Teams
Many EE members join as part of their organization’s team account. Team members can communicate privately about sensitive issues and store insights in a secure shared knowledge base.

They use EE for consultant-level help on issues that involve multiple products.

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Manufacturing Firm
Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Their IT team uses EE to streamline their productivity.

Members primarily interact using these three methods:

Ask Questions

The primary way to interact on EE. Members can ask 3 different types of questions (Troubleshooting, Research, Advice) and tag multiple different topic areas.

Read Tutorials

The Articles area is where you’ll find long-form tutorials and step-by-step walkthroughs written by our members. All pieces are peer-reviewed by our team of editors before they’re published.

Join Groups

There are over 800 different discussion groups on EE - ranging in subject from general networking to high-level discussions about specific tech products.

EE members come from over 150 different countries and every time zone - meaning you can collaborate no matter what time it is!

Member Spotlight

The EE community is home to thousands of tech professionals who have experience in hundreds of different topic areas.

Small Tech

Since 2001 - The EE organization has been a small, privately owned operation that has subsisted without help from outside investment. We aren't a large tech corporation - we're proud to be a small business, just like many of our members.
No Vendors
No Investors
No Advertisers
No Data Mining
The reason EE is membership based is because we know there are people in tech who value privacy and authenticity. We’ve remained independent to protect our members from the prying eyes of big tech and big banks.

Explore existing content or ask your own question.

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The Experts Exchange Community has produced over 6,000,000 verified solutions in over 450 technology topics
“It’s like having a co-worker  right next to us and having that objective view that is needed to get through difficult issues.”
Kathy Bolles
Programmer Lead

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